Solutions for Every Shopper

While many people enjoy using motorized carts, some require assistance while shopping. Our manual shopping chairs are designed to accommodate people who are elderly or have minor mobility challenges, as well as adults and children with disabilities.

All Amigo manual carts include:
  • Front-facing design for an interactive shopping experience
  • Basket options for extra storage
  • Durable steel frame
Amigo® SmartChair
The SmartChair increases customer safety and comfort, allowing passengers to easily get in and out of the chair without emptying the basket. Comfortable shopping encourages customers to shop longer!
Amigo® SmartChair XT
It can be challenging to meet every guest's needs for equipment to make shopping easier. The unique features of the SmartChair XT can accommodate a variety of needs, including small children with disabilities and senior citizens.
Shopping Wheelchair
The traditional shopping wheelchair is a low cost option for stores to offer mobility. The wheelchair is available in three sizes.

What Our Customers Say

"The SmartChair is easier to use because customers don't have to bend down to use the brake, and people don't have to worry about trying to push themselves through the whole store."

- Mary, grocery store manager | Missouri

"The SmartChair XT is a great idea -- very neat looking, and we are happy to have it for our customers. It's very easy to use and durable."

- Tanya, supermarket manager | Illinois

About Amigo Mobility

Amigo Mobility International, Inc. is a family-owned business with a passion for exceptional customer service. With nearly 50 years of mobility expertise, our products provide fewer moving parts, lower service costs and increased safety features.

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