About Amigo Mobility International, Inc.

A family-owned business with a passion for exceptional customer service

Improving Lives Through Mobility® since 1968

Al Thieme was a young man working as a plumbing and heating contractor in Bridgeport, Mich. when a family member began to lose mobility due to multiple sclerosis. Witnessing this loss of independence, he worked in the evenings to create an innovative form of mobility. Thieme went on to invent the first ever power-operated vehicle -- the Amigo.

Named for being a "friendly wheelchair," the Amigo quickly gained popularity when people saw the independence it provided. Shortly after the first Amigo was made, Amigo Mobility International, Inc. was founded and an entire industry was born. By 1970, Amigo sold the first motorized shopping cart to a grocery store. Since then, motorized carts can be found in nearly every retail store to assist customers who have walking challenges.

The company expanded from its humble beginnings in Thieme's garage and moved across the street to its current headquarters in Bridgeport, Mich. All Amigos are manufactured in the 63,000 square foot Michigan facility and shipped worldwide.

About Amigo Mobility

Amigo Mobility International, Inc. is a family-owned business with a passion for exceptional customer service. With nearly 50 years of mobility expertise, our products provide fewer moving parts, lower service costs and increased safety features.

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